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My Favorite Mamas on the Gram

After becoming a mother, I’ve noticed my interests have shifted a little. I used to just follow people for style tips or beautiful pictures and I still do that, but now I notice myself actively following moms I can relate to. The Insta-moms I follow are funny, witty and stylish. The most important thing that they all actively do is, maintain their sense of self while still making motherhood a priority. It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re a caretaker. You really have to make it a point to do those little things that make you feel like yourself. Following these women is a constant reminder to me, to make sure I don’t lose myself. 

I’m going to start off with Bethany Ciotola (@bethanyciotola). She is a mother of four! She has amazing effortless style. I love her aesthetic. She shares content about her sons and her home updates. I first discovered her on TikTok but she started off her career with her blog, Bethany and Her Boys. Her humor is unmatched. Bethany is a Gemini. I know a lot of people may not, but I always vibe well with Geminis. I also love that she has four children. It’s so interesting to me how people with that many children make it work. I’m over here with only one child, struggling to take the time to pee. 

Next up is Bekah Martinez (@bekah). You may remember Bekah from her time on The Bachelor. I don’t remember her from that because I don’t watch The Bachelor but I did watch one season of The Bachelorette( Clare/ Tayshia) so I do understand the appeal. She does a Podcast called, Chatty Broads and has an eco-conscious clothing line. She has two children. Bekah sharing the birth of her children was one of the main reasons I wanted a water birth. The videos were so beautiful and such a peaceful way for a baby to enter the world. Even though, that didn’t work out the way I wanted, I still think that content was so moving. The thing that’s great about Bekah is that she is unapologetically herself. 

Most recently I began following, Sarah Nicole Landry (@thebirdspapaya). She is a writer and her content is about motherhood and body positivity. Sarah is a mother of four. Her content promotes realistic beauty standards for mothers and women in general. Our babies are about the same age and I love how she dresses her baby, Lemmie. It gives me a lot of ideas for dressing my babe. Sarah is very stylish and her nursery is really so perfect. My favorite thing about her is how she works tirelessly to normalize postpartum mom bods. Your body goes through so much while being pregnant and your mind goes through even more. It’s empowering and important for women to feel like they aren’t alone throughout their pregnancy and after. 


Pregnancy and Motherhood is a beautiful thing and a hard thing. It has been really critical for me to have women I can relate to. These three women have definitely provided me with a lot of comfort and inspiration, especially because I have recently moved across the country and am not close to my family and friends. If you have kids or have recently had your first child, do yourself a favor and follow these amazing women. 

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