A Serious Halloween Flashback

A Serious Halloween Flashback

The thing I hate about the holidays is that they always have an air of seriousness. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both holidays about giving, appreciating your family and counting your blessings; you know, serious stuff. The 4th of July is about remembering those who were on the frontlines (wait isn’t that memorial day?) and celebrating our declaration of independence. Again, too damn serious. But then there’s halloween.

Some may argue that it’s not technically a holiday, rather a celebration but we always like to twist history in our favor, so yes, it’s a holiday! As a kid, the idea of wearing masks to hide your identity was the coolest thing ever (Whoops, jokes on you kiddo). I was a pretty shy kid but Halloween gave me the release to be the freak I always wanted to be. I’ll forever be a Toys R Us kid and hopefully I’ll never outgrow being a Halloween kid. Jamie, my best friend and co-owner of Moon In Aquarius, is also a Halloween enthusiast. Looking back at our past halloween photos, I’ve come to realize that it's truly a holiday for creative souls. So maybe Halloween is a serious holiday... about saying fuck it: just let loose and be a kid.
Revel in these photos that I dug from deep in my G-Drive.

Demon Costume Subway

 2010 - This year I decided to dress up as your average demon. I named her Kenna.


Lydia Halloween Costume
 2011 - J dressing up as Lydia was the ultimate tribute to Winona Ryder. She even made the dress herself! I'm not sure what I was going for but I just wanted an excuse to wear a dope vintage dress.


Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume
 2008 - Playboy J


Shakira Michael Jackson Halloween Costume

 2018, 2008 - The biggest Shakira and Michael Jackson fans out there.

Sid and Nancy
 2019 , 2010- Me on the left, can't go wrong with a creepy mask. J ,on the right, as Sid's lovely gal pal Nancy.
ICP Insane Clown Posse
 2007 - ICP? Nope, just a Megadeth lovin' clown.

Sad fact: One year I was obsessed with the idea of being Andrew W.K as a zombie. I had everything but the dirty white sneakers. I honestly can’t even remember what happened that halloween, but needless to say my vision wasn’t realized. Who knows, perhaps this year will be the year I will pay homage to the party king himself. He deserves it.

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