My Short but Sweet Valentine's Day Movie List

My Short but Sweet Valentine's Day Movie List

 Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Whether you loathe the holiday or just excited to get Lindt chocolates, watching a romantic film can be the best way to get through this holiday. My boyfriend hates romantic films and I always prefer watching them alone, so it works out perfectly for the both of us! Here are some unique films about love ..that I love!

Call Me By Your Name, 2017

Timothee. Chalamet. That’s all I’m gonna say. Kidding, but not really. What can I say? He’s an incredibly captivating actor...and he’s hot too. The back and forth, awkward chemistry of 2 people falling in love is always fun to watch especially when it’s beautifully executed like Timmy and Armie Hammer have done. The cherry on top was most definitely the cinematography of this film. Almost every single frame felt like poetry or like a beautiful still painting. 


500 Days of Summer, 2009

My boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt! How can you not love this guy? I love me a vulnerable boy and he plays it damn well. I love how this film portrayed the emotional expectations/ fantasies we place on people  and the idea of love. I remember watching this movie when I was newly single and coming out of a long term relationship and 100% feeling optimistic about love after watching it. It kinda feels like this movie was a love letter to hopeful singles out there. 
The spontaneous dance sequence is something I fantasize about in real life. They really captured what a moment of pure euphoria feels like.

The Fugitive Kind, 1964

Truth: This is the only Marlon Brando film I’ve ever seen.
Another Truth: I don’t want to see him in another role but this. I have to say I was short of breath watching him in this movie. No joke, he was like an Adonis. And his brutish way of speaking just had me at hello. This is also one of my favorite kind of love stories that I never get tired of: A younger man falling for an older woman. I believe Brando was 36 and Anna Magnani was 52. ( Okay, I googled it so it's factual) These 2 sharing the same screen is quite the spectacle. Anna Magnani holds her own next to Brando ( and her own Oscar). I highly recommend giving it a watch, if not for the tragic love story, at least for the invaluable acting lesson.

Funny enough, Brando played a character named Valentine.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, 2003

A super duper underrated Rom-Com with the talented Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. I say underrated because apparently it got 42% on Rotten Tomatoes. Clearly, the critics don’t fucking get it.
Kate truly surprised me in this movie. I was so amazed by her range, especially coming off of Almost Famous, another movie that I adore her in. Her comedic chops in this film were off the richter scale. She delivered the goofiness that I always love to see in women. Goofy is such an attractive trait! 
This is also one of those movies where you can tell the actors really had a blast doing. Their laughs and exchanges seem so authentic, there’s no way in hell they faked it.

Movies have always been my comfort, whether I was single or in a relationship. I would love to know what romantic movies you watch or if we're on the same wave length. Happy V-Day loves!
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