The Accidental Hunt for Vintage Home Decor

The Accidental Hunt for Vintage Home Decor

Last year my best friend and I hit the road from Queens, New York to Orange, Connecticut , for no other reason but to waste our time together and of course to find vintage goods. We figured there’s gotta be cooler things outside of New York;lets say we were pleasantly surprised.

Upon arriving to our first shop destination, Savers, we knew right away that clothing was secondary.Savers’ knick knack section, in almost every location, could quite literally have their own Disney Theme Park. Wow,just typing that made me giddy.This day in particular we stumbled across some oddly interesting decor and some retro earrings we couldnt pass up!

Ceramic head decor

I regret not buying this decapitated head on a dish

Vintage door knocker earrings

Door knocker earrings for $3.99! That's real ya'll

Strange family hand painted portrait

Are they children?Are they adults? We may never know

Wall of vintage picutre frames


Our second stop was at a Mom and Pop thrift store called Garage Sale Store. And as the name suggests , it was exactly that. It truly looks like you stepped inside a 3 car garage/warehouse from the 60s. This place was authentically vintage. They did carry a small clothing section but we definitely were blown away by their furniture and *NSYNC bobble heads!

Tennis racket mirrors and vintage yellow chairs

Tennis racket mirrors? Add to cart

Vintage Cabbage patch kid ceramic

Cabbage patch kids: a childhood darling or nightmare?

Vintage wicker lounge chair

An upholsterers' dream

Nsync Bobble heads

Chris and Joey are the coolest ones on this shelf. No cap

Vintage Armoire furniture

If you ever wanna check our these shops for yourself, Savers is still open but I’m sad to report that Garage Sale Store is permanently closed (according to Google).
130 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477
Garage Sale Store LLC (Permanently Closed)
Address: 367 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477


Did I mention we documented this trip? Jump over to our YouTube video below where we show you the rest of our trip, including our dinner at a dope vegan restaurant and a $15 cheesecake that honestly still haunts us till this day.

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