My Succulent Family

My Succulent Family

I always viewed gardening as some boring-ass hobby that my mother would obsessively do. Sure flowers are pretty to look at, but I never really stopped to think that these are living things.  It wasn't until my mother went on a small vacation a few years ago and made me responsible for her plants and outdoor garden. I saw firsthand how these plants showed you that they needed you. My Cancer maternal instincts went into overdrive. They depended on me and I wasn't going to let them down. Now in my mid 30s, it feels like now I depend on them. Nuturing them brings me such peace that my problems momentarily dissipate. 

Succulents PeacefulPlants and my Pitbull

Here are some of my newest additions and my OG succulents. 

String of Pearls Houseplant
String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)
Native to: South West Africa

This was such a sweet surprise from my mother. I expressed interest in this type of succulent after seeing it hung outside a florist shop. It’s so whimsical and cartoony. All I want to do is place them into those ceramic head sculpture pots. I mean, how could this not bring you infinite joy?

String of Pearls Up Close Houseplant

String of Pearls Care
•These pea strings love plenty of sunlight. An abundance of indirect sunlight is recommended.
•This trailing houseplant can be a bit finicky, make sure you wait until the pearls look a bit deflated to water them. It’s best to underwater than overwater!
•They can grow up to 3 ft long! 

Burros Tail Houseplant
Burros Tail (Sedum Burrito)
Native to: Southern Mexico

This was also gifted to me the same day as the String of Pearls. I was so giddy when I saw this plant. Those plumpy leaves! My first mistake was touching it. My heart sank when 6 leaves fell off. After a quick Youtube research, I realized that this plant is super delicate and it’s best to not even breathe around them. The good news is that the fallen leaves can easily be propagated. That’s what I love about succulents. They can be rebirthed and start all over again.

String of Pearls and Burros Tail Succulents

Burros Tail Care
•These bushy pups thrive in filtered light/bright shade.
•They can grow to 6ft long! How cool is that?
•If you notice some flower growth, that means your plant is living its best life and you are doing everything right. Congrats!
•Water is stored within the leaves, so if it’s looking a bit pruney, that’s your cue to water them.

Jade Succulent House Plant
Jade (Crassula Ovata)
Native to: South Africa

My brother received this plant as a thank you gift for attending a friend's wedding about 10 years ago. He wasn’t interested in taking care of it, so my mother and I stepped in. I can’t believe this plant started off in a small glass jar and now it’s taking up my entire window sill. We propagated this plant into several planters throughout the years. My mother and I jokingly said if we could manage to keep the mother plant alive, than the marriage will last. The couple divorced 4 years ago...🤷🏽‍♀️

Jade wild plantSucculents wild plant


Jade Care
•These babies LOVE direct sunlight. Recommended 4 hours of sunshine.
•Water only when the soil is dry to the touch
•If it lives on a window sill, don’t let it touch the glass! Its leaves can burn or get frostbite. I definitely made that mistake!
•Make sure it lives in a pot with drainage. You will avoid root rot and heartbreak!

 Never thought I would be a plant mom, but here I am. Sure it can be laborious, costly, and heartbreaking when you make mistakes but seeing my babies flourish makes it all worth it.💚

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