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My love letter to Trader Joe's

My love letter to Trader Joe's
 The only thing I love more than shopping for clothing and accessories, is food shopping. And one chain takes the cake... you guessed it (or just read the title), it's Trader Joe's! I just love the hustle and bustle. The customers are some of the worst people on Earth but hey, it's worth the trouble to get your hands on some of their delectable treats! Here are a few of my favorites (I can't give away all my secrets)!
Trader Joe's Bon Bon Ice Cream
True Story: I ate an entire box of the Trader Joe's Ice Cream Bon Bons in TJ's parking lot. Okay, maybe my mom had two but I ate the rest. A cookie base with ice cream is always king!
Trader Joes Macrons
I don't like macarons, so when this was served to me at a dinner party; I was giving it the stank eye. I strive to be a good house guest so I gave it a try. Man was I surprised at how balanced the flavors were.Usually macarons are too sweet for me but these are just perfect! 
Trader Joes Mochi Ice Cream
At the same dinner party, catered by TJ's, there were these divine babies! I could eat the entire box with absolutely no shame because I don't think there is a living being roaming this Earth that wouldn't do the same thing. The green tea mochi was hands down my favorite.
I want to give an honorable mention to the seasonal mousse cakes from TJ's and all the cheese especially my favorite: TJ's Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.
Thanks for reading. Might be time to make a TJ's run. Xoxo

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