Let’s Trade Closets!

Let’s Trade Closets!

Did you ever just open your closet and wish you could start over? I really have this urge to re-do my closet and pivot my style. My dream is to have my style be a mixture of Elizabeth Chambers, Taylor Hage, Kate Bosworth, and Shay Mitchell. I want to celebrate their amazing styles and why I appreciate them so much. So let’s deep dive into these stylish babes!

First of all, Elizabeth Chambers has amazing style. She is a mother and even her children are always dressed to perfection. I love that she is so feminine yet still keeps it interesting with every outfit she wears. She has impeccable taste and I can see her being best friends with Rachel Zoe. I think her style is so overlooked and underrated, so I just wanted her to know, I see you!

Next up, Taylor Hage! I’ve been following Taylor on instagram for years. Her handle is @TayHage. She always tries the latest trends and shows you how to wear it, which I love, because sometimes it’s hard to find where and how to work them in. She gives great outfit ideas and has wonderful natural style. She also has such a cute relationship with her husband. They are high school sweethearts ; athough that is completely irrelevant to her style. I just love them and their TikToks together warm my heart!

Now for Kate Bosworth who you may remember from such classics as Blue Crush and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! Although, I don’t really like either film, she was definitely the shining star. Kate Bosworth has a condition called heterochromia iridis, this means that one of her eyes is half brown and half blue, while the other one is blue. This again has nothing to do with her incredible style, just more of a fun fact which I think only adds to her uniqueness. She has a classic look but isn’t afraid to really be bold with her style and take risks. She has an effortless way of pulling off complex looks. 

Last but not least, Shay Mitchell, who I think seems like a good friend and nice person (I have no evidence to back this up, just a gut feeling). I love Shay Mitchell’s style because of how much it has evolved throughout the years. Growing up in roughly the same time period as her, I can say the early 2000s were rough on all of us. However, she pulled through and now her style is better than ever. Her style is so versatile and I just love to see her put an outfit together!


I hope one day I can redo my closet or even (less likely to happen) swap closets with any of these ladies! In the mean time, I will keep dreaming and maybe one day my closet dreams will come true. 

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