Diving into the Food Scene in Arizona!

Diving into the Food Scene in Arizona!

I just moved to Arizona from New York, so obviously my major concern was will the food here be any good or more accurately as good as New York? I've visited Arizona once before and the food didn't impress me much, TBH. I should preface by saying, I'm a vegetarian and a picky one at that! I did however end up being pleasantly surprised as some of the food here so far, has blown me away! Here are a few of the restaurants I highly recommend.


If you love pizza as much as I do, that'll be something you will definitely miss if you are a New York or Chicago native and you decide to you move out of state. That being said, I FELL IN LOVE WITH MELLOW MUSHROOM. There are five locations in Arizona. I ordered the Holy Shiitake Pie (pictured above). This pizza is heaven on Earth! The white drizzle and mushrooms are such an amazing combo. I'm not a huge crust girl. I will eat it if I'm very hungry but the crust in Mellow Mushroom is so good, I make a point to save room for it. Gisel ordered the Kosmic Karma and said it made her, "want to change zip codes" (Gisel insisted on being quoted).

Next up on the this article is making my mouth water is..


This is hands down the best sandwich I've ever had. The vegetarian (pictured above) is what I order.  It has cheddar, provolone, swiss and mushrooms toasted and then topped with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on multigrain bread. The mistake people make when there's a vegetarian option, is just adding every healthy thing they can dream up. It's more about keeping it simple that adding chickpeas and kale to every option. I love that this is a hot sandwich because most vegetarian options are cold. I can't say enough good things about Potbelly Sandwich Shop. I've eaten here three days in a row back to back. My husband loves their other sandwiches, so this isn't just for vegetarians. There are ten locations in Arizona. 


I'm not a donut person. I love sweets so I consider it pretty lucky that I'm not into donuts because I don't need another unhealthy dessert in the mix. I went to Danny's Donut on a whim because I saw they had boba and I wanted to try it. I ordered a Coconut smoothie without boba because at the last minute of course, I changed my mind. I also got a strawberry sprinkle donut and a glazed donut. The coconut smoothie was amazing. It was light and not too sweet. The donut was incredible!! The best donut I've ever had and I've ordered from that super bougie Doughnut Plant place in New York. That place deeply underwhelmed me and solidified maybe I'm just not a donut person. However, one bite into Danny's Donut and now I'm not sure who I am. What I do know, is that Danny's Donuts are unmatched. The coffee is also phenomenal. I've visited Danny's several times since. The owners are also angels on Earth.

 I'm sure more restaurants will be added to the list once I live here longer and explore more places. But for now, these are the places I'm deeply obsessed with and are so happy to have found in my new home. 

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