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A little bit of home in Downtown Flagstaff, AZ

I just moved across the country from New York to Arizona! It was stressful moving in the middle of the pandemic, while also being five months pregnant but that's a story for another time.. For now, I want to talk about a gem of an area that I found along the way, downtown Flagstaff! 

Streets Shops Flagstaff Arizona

The area reminded me of a cross between Brooklyn and a small town. It's very clean and has some adorable shops. You can easily spend the day here. We ended up eating at Charly's Pub & Grill on 23 N Leroux Street, Flagstaff, AZ. I did not have high hopes for the food but we were starving. We ended up being pleasantly surprised because the food was amazing! The atmosphere felt haunted but I don't really mind that. I had B.Y.O. Burger. I loved it because they carry Beyond Burgers! A lot of times as a vegetarian, you have to settle for some sides as your meal, so I was really happy they had this option and it was delish! Gisel had a Flagstaff Dip, which is a prime rib sliced with au jus on a French roll. She loved it and thought it was absolutely delicious!

Once we regained our energy, we hit the shops!

Crytals Gemstones Flagstaff Arizona

There were many shops that had beautiful crystals but one stands out; not only for its price points but also for its large selection of crystals. Crystal Magic on 1 N San Francisco Street, Flagstaff, AZ is definitely worth the trip. The inside is breathtaking but make sure to really save up a few paychecks if you intend on shopping there. We visited a few other stores that were really special but I will just list them because I was too overcome by their beauty to take pictures.


Flagstaff Arizona Greenry

Earthbound Trading Co.

22 N San Francisco Street

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Earthbound Trading Co. had affordable crystals, decor, jewelry and adorable women's clothes. I loved the atmosphere. It's a store everyone can enjoy. Great for gifts and if you want to gift yourself, which I often do.

 Earth Bound Shop Arizona Flagstaff

Crystal Ball Flagstaff Arizona

Eye Ball Glass Flagstaff Arizona
Art Gallery Flagstaff Arizona
Dia De Los Muertos Art Gallery Flagstaff Arizona

There's also some galleries in the area that are nice if you want to pick up art from local artist for your home or for gifts!

Steep Tea Coffee Shop Flagstaff Arizona

I also want to mention where I had the best strawberry matcha latte and when I visited a second time, I had the best lavender matcha latte. Yes, I have a thing for matcha! Anyway, it was a little teashop called Steep Leaf Lounge on 1 E Aspen Ave. It isn't open for indoor sipping right now but they have chairs and tables set up outside, so you can people watch and sip your delicious tea or coffee. 

Last but not least..

Flagstaff Public Bathroom

This sketchy little area; what I appreciate most is they have a public bathroom. I'm always looking for one and can never find one. They are right across from this strip of bars and restaurants. They had a crepe place here that I didn't get to try but I will go back soon and report! 

I hope you visit Flagstaff soon. I know I will! 

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