The Best of 2020 Moon In Aquarius

2020.. On a Positive Note

This year.. what can I say that hasn’t already been said? 


I’m going to try to focus on the positive things that did happen this past year. 


First and foremost, let’s start with coronavirus. Don’t worry, that’s not the positive thing but I do think, it forced us to examine our behavior; hopefully, in a meaningful way. I don’t mean “call-out” culture like calling out the “Karens,” which is not my favorite term. I mean I’ve noticed people being more compassionate towards others, especially when they’re in a position to do so. I think it’s very important to focus on the little things you can do to impact someone’s day. Acknowledging people’s thoughts and feelings is one of the kindest things you can do for someone else. I hope the trend of tipping a little extra, being a little sweeter, taking a moment to listen a little harder to your family and friends, generally giving someone the benefit of the doubt; are things I hope carry on not only into the new year but beyond that. 

Another positive thing to come out of coronavirus, was people being so unimaginatively selfless. The healthcare and essential workers being dedicated to showing up for the rest of us, moves me to tears. They sacrificed time with their family and put their health in jeopardy to take care of everyone else; doing what they could to ensure our survival, comfort, and safety.  

One of my favorite things that happened this year, was the rise of TikTok. I’m not one for the dancing videos but I do love the cooking, story times, DIYs, and life hacks; that the app provides. I know how silly this sounds but watching TikTok generally improved my mood whenever the pandemic and life, had me down. I just love people’s creativity and humor.  I also love that you can be as interactive as you want to be on the app. People don’t even have to know you have it, if you don’t want them to. 

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Tiger King captivated the nation. I’m not sure why, but it did. Maybe because of how raw and flawed the characters were, it was just freeing to not have to root for anyone. To just watch as everyone seemed to make bad decisions. A lot of times during the documentary, I would wonder if this was real. I think the most intriguing thing that I took away from it, was how good intentions don’t always lead to good actions; your heart could be in the right place but something could take you way off track from what you were originally seeking to do.

Tons of people got pregnant, including me! Besides celebrities, I personally know a ton of people who got pregnant this year. It’s actually scary. It’s like everyone got the memo. I’m happy to be in good company. I think people just realized through all that’s going on, that there’s no perfect time. There’s only the time you have and you aren’t guaranteed anything or maybe everyone was just bored. Either way, 2021 is going to be a baby bonanza!

I also think, 2020 forced creativity. It forced us to be creative with our time and the way we communicate. We had to be more creative with what we cooked because we were home more, as well as, home improvement projects. 2020 forced people to look for more creative ways to make money, as well. I think people were more apt to share ideas and connect with friends you wouldn’t necessarily connect with when you didn’t have the time to. 


My hopes for 2021, are amidst everything that divided us in 2020, we choose the harder road and decide to be more united, understanding, and tolerant of one another. It was a very difficult year for all of us in many ways but I think it’s up to us whether we will let this shape us in a positive or negative way. I hope we continue to SLOW DOWN. Work shouldn’t be life. We need rest. We need time to ourselves and time for our loved ones. We need to value our health and not just have that limited to our physical health, but to our mental health, as well. All in all, I’ve learned so much this year and I hope you have too! 


On a more personal note, my highlights were getting married, getting pregnant and starting Moon in Aquarius with my best friend!

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