A Dreamy 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A Dreamy 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A list of tried and true gifts for the holidays and beyond!

Let’s lean on beyond, since this list is really cutting it close.

Bijou Candles

Last summer, I stumbled across a wonderfully curated gift shop in New Jersey and came across a shelf of Bijou candles. I took a deep whiff of a candle called Hedy and I was immediately transported back to 2005. It’s almost like this candle was bottled into a perfume that I wore when I was falling in love with my boyfriend; the scent of sweet memories. I’m the type of person that talks myself out of buying anything. So sad to say, I walked out of that shop empty-handed. During the quarantine, I decided life is too short; buy that candle you can’t stop thinking about. So I did! Best purchase to myself. Packaging is great and even comes with their own matchbook. Although, they don’t carry Hedy at the moment (I think it will come back in the new year!). I was recommended the Stevie candle as a runner up. I guarantee you that it will awaken some beautiful lost memory.
(Side note: They named the candle after Hedy Lamar, Austrian-American actress, film producer and co-inventor of Wifi!)

Bijou Candles - Stevie Candle $27

Bijou Candles Hedy 

Terra Soleil, Moondust Tarot Card Deck

I was recently gifted something I never thought anyone would gift me. Of course my best friend knows me the best and knew this was so up my alley. Tarot cards are so enchanting, you can feel it as you shuffle the deck. The artwork in the Moondust deck is stunning. The deck is smooth to the touch and comes with its own pouch and complimentary crystal.They even include a printed Tarot guide, with card meanings and tips for using the deck. Truly an amazing gift for the tarot enthusiast. I play with these cards every single day.

Moondust Tarot Deck $59.99

Moondust Tarot DeckMoondust Tarot Deck Moondust Tarot Deck

Then I Met You, The Cleansing Duo

I’m a firm believer in the double-cleanse method and this duo is just magic. This is definitely more on the luxe side of skin care but I think if you were to gift this to someone, you would make their skin care routine a bit more enjoyable. The ingredients alone are worth giving it a try; as its cruelty free/vegan and free of sulfates, alcohol, parabens, artificial coloring and synthetic fragrances. Skin care can be tricky to gift but this is truly meant for all skin types! I can happily attest to this. I have sensitive skin and this did not break me out at all.

The Cleansing Duo $68

Then I Met You DuoThen I Met You BalmThen I Met You Gel

Moon In Aquarius, Tata Necklace & Dark Side of The Moon Earrings

You know I had to end this with my own plug in. Let me live! I stand by all the stunning pieces we hand-picked for the shop but these 2 stand out for me, one of them I actually kept for myself. The Tata necklace is such a simple yet charming piece, perfect for anyone who loves subtle statement pieces..or just boobies! And finally, the earrings that I personally own, Dark Side of the Moon stud earrings. These 16K gold plated moon crescent studs are so unique. I love pairing these with a vintage tee and jeans. All pieces are ready to be gifted in a jewelry box and celestial satchel. These pieces are gorgeously handmade in the USA.

The Tata Necklace $32

Dark Side of The Moon Earrings $40

Moon In Aquarius Gift Ideas JewelryMoon In Aquarius Gift Ideas JewelryMoon In Aquarius Gift Ideas Jewelry


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