Won't You Be My Best Friend?

Won't You Be My Best Friend?

It’s weird to admit this but when I was younger, I was a serial “bestfriend-er.” Let me explain. As a 3rd sibling to 2 older brothers, I feverishly sought a deep companionship like my brothers had with each other. Their love for video games really cemented their bond when they were kids and I was always hurt that I was never a part of that. The way I dealt with rejection as child, was to sabotage their game by standing in front of the tv or even worse, disconnecting the game until I was invited to play. That of course never worked in my favor. As adults now, they always remind me that I was a nightmare when I didn’t get my way. I don’t disagree but it was the only way I knew how to express how dejected I felt.

When I was old enough to go to school, I didn’t waste any time finding a friend. I had a “best friend” for almost every school year. The longest best friend I had was with this girl named Christina. Interestingly enough, we shared a love for video games and boy bands. It was as if the gods were finally listening and I had found that “brotherly” relationship that I’ve witnessed since as far back as, I could remember.
Life definitely played a part in physically separating us, as she moved to another town an hour away. We were definitely opposites. She was a spunky kid. I was a shy kid. But she was incredibly loyal and was the only reason why I ended up having a happy childhood. I’m forever grateful to her.

I officially met Jamie towards the end of middle school. I say officially because we never actually crossed paths throughout all middle school. I begrudgingly want to say she was popular because it holds such a negative connotation to me. She was intelligent, witty and unafraid of authority. Definitely too cool for me. I struggled academically in school and was afraid to step out of line, which is why I was considered a teacher's pet among my peers. To me, that just meant I was doing something right and that's all that mattered to me.

I was unexpectedly invited to her birthday party, thanks to our mutual friend who put in a good word for me. I remember she gave me a tour of her cloud-painted bedroom and we struck up a conversation about our love for movies, music and acting. The 12 year old me was so confused as to how we can we so similar yet so different all at the same time. Yup, we became inseparable ever since.

I think at the heart of it all, we were just vulnerable souls who wanted someone to really listen. We emotionally reciprocated in every way possible. We nurtured each others' feelings as if it were a newborn baby, with delicate hands and constant neck support.

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Astrologically speaking ,a Cancer/Water sign nourishes the Virgo/Earth sign. My maternal Cancer nature meshes so well with her Virgo neediness and stability. A Cancer and Virgo friendship provides a safe haven to express imagination and creativity. I can certainly attest to that.

When I was reading and watching countless articles and Youtube videos about us sharing the same Aquarius-Moon sign, the biggest takeaway was clear to me: we are unequivocally, emotionally on the same wave length. Looking back, we had more things in common back then than we do now. I don’t define having a best friend as someone you have everything in common with. Rather for me, it’s the emotional connection that's the glue to this 22 year friendship. She was better than a brother to me. She was and still is my biggest teacher in life; she taught me how to not just be a friend, but a good one.

Although I personally don’t need Astrology to make this confirmation for me, it was nonetheless fascinating to reflect on this 22 year old truth.


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