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My Short but Sweet Valentine's Day Movie List

My Short but Sweet Valentine's Day Movie List

 Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Whether you loathe the holiday or just excited to get Lindt chocolates, watching a romantic film can be the best way to get through this holiday. My boyfriend hates romantic films and I always prefer watching them alone, so it works out perfectly for the both of us! Here are some unique films about love ..that I love!

Call Me By Your Name, 2017

Timothee. Chalamet. That’s all I’m gonna say. Kidding, but not really. What can I say? He’s an incredibly captivating actor...and he’s hot too. The back and forth, awkward chemistry of 2 people falling in love is always fun to watch especially when it’s beautifully executed like Timmy and Armie Hammer have done. The cherry on top was most definitely the cinematography of this film. Almost every single frame felt like poetry or like a beautiful still painting. 


500 Days of Summer, 2009

My boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt! How can you not love this guy? I love me a vulnerable boy and he plays it damn well. I love how this film portrayed the emotional expectations/ fantasies we place on people  and the idea of love. I remember watching this movie when I was newly single and coming out of a long term relationship and 100% feeling optimistic about love after watching it. It kinda feels like this movie was a love letter to hopeful singles out there. 
The spontaneous dance sequence is something I fantasize about in real life. They really captured what a moment of pure euphoria feels like.

The Fugitive Kind, 1964

Truth: This is the only Marlon Brando film I’ve ever seen.
Another Truth: I don’t want to see him in another role but this. I have to say I was short of breath watching him in this movie. No joke, he was like an Adonis. And his brutish way of speaking just had me at hello. This is also one of my favorite kind of love stories that I never get tired of: A younger man falling for an older woman. I believe Brando was 36 and Anna Magnani was 52. ( Okay, I googled it so it's factual) These 2 sharing the same screen is quite the spectacle. Anna Magnani holds her own next to Brando ( and her own Oscar). I highly recommend giving it a watch, if not for the tragic love story, at least for the invaluable acting lesson.

Funny enough, Brando played a character named Valentine.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, 2003

A super duper underrated Rom-Com with the talented Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. I say underrated because apparently it got 42% on Rotten Tomatoes. Clearly, the critics don’t fucking get it.
Kate truly surprised me in this movie. I was so amazed by her range, especially coming off of Almost Famous, another movie that I adore her in. Her comedic chops in this film were off the richter scale. She delivered the goofiness that I always love to see in women. Goofy is such an attractive trait! 
This is also one of those movies where you can tell the actors really had a blast doing. Their laughs and exchanges seem so authentic, there’s no way in hell they faked it.

Movies have always been my comfort, whether I was single or in a relationship. I would love to know what romantic movies you watch or if we're on the same wave length. Happy V-Day loves!
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My So-Called Thrift Life

My So-Called Thrift Life

Thrift stores are my life. Yes, literally. Before you roll your eyes, I don’t mean that as a girl who is obsessed with the vintage-shopping aesthetic. I actually grew up with parents who ran their own thrift store since 1997.

To be real, I don’t remember caring so much about second-hand clothing, let alone my parents shop. I was a teenager who loved the latest trends from Mandees, Wet Seal, Contempo Casuals and Claire's. (Side note: I bought denim patch jeans from Contempo Causals because Christina Aguilera wore similar jeans in one of her music videos. Did I ever wear it in public? Nope. Did I wear them in my room and reenact the music video? Yup.

Contempo Casuals

2000 Jeans Pop inspired
I think like most kids, you tend to be really disinterested in what your parents do for a living. School work, MTV, and the complicated love life of my friends took up 99% of my attention. It was only up until the millennium hit, I started to get bored with the trends. It seemed like fashion was heading towards a “Y2K” direction, while I was just beginning to discover the different eras in fashion, like the 50’s -80s. All I wanted to wear were those stockings with the seam down the back of the leg and vintage costume jewelry. Jamie and I were teen girls with metro cards and no cellphones. We aimlessly walked around the city and would accidentally stumble across vintage gems. It was such thrill, like discovering new uncharted territory, but expensive territory.

Vintage Costume jewelry
It was only then that, I started to visit my parents shop a bit more frequently. My parents were really cool with me taking whatever I wanted, so I made sure I set aside cool pieces for my bestie and I. Since we were never invited to 50’s themed parties, we decided to throw one every Saturday night. We’d pick our favorite pin-up dress and emulate the pin-up models plastered on my wall. ( I wasn't going to share but honestly I dont think anyone will read this blog lol)

Sometimes I kick myself for being so blind to having free access to the vintage goldmine that was my parents shop. Could you imagine what my closet would've looked like if I saved every vintage piece my parents sold in the late 90s? Damn, my Depop shop would be lit af.

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A Serious Halloween Flashback

A Serious Halloween Flashback

The thing I hate about the holidays is that they always have an air of seriousness. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both holidays about giving, appreciating your family and counting your blessings; you know, serious stuff. The 4th of July is about remembering those who were on the frontlines (wait isn’t that memorial day?) and celebrating our declaration of independence. Again, too damn serious. But then there’s halloween.

Some may argue that it’s not technically a holiday, rather a celebration but we always like to twist history in our favor, so yes, it’s a holiday! As a kid, the idea of wearing masks to hide your identity was the coolest thing ever (Whoops, jokes on you kiddo). I was a pretty shy kid but Halloween gave me the release to be the freak I always wanted to be. I’ll forever be a Toys R Us kid and hopefully I’ll never outgrow being a Halloween kid. Jamie, my best friend and co-owner of Moon In Aquarius, is also a Halloween enthusiast. Looking back at our past halloween photos, I’ve come to realize that it's truly a holiday for creative souls. So maybe Halloween is a serious holiday... about saying fuck it: just let loose and be a kid.
Revel in these photos that I dug from deep in my G-Drive.

Demon Costume Subway

 2010 - This year I decided to dress up as your average demon. I named her Kenna.


Lydia Halloween Costume
 2011 - J dressing up as Lydia was the ultimate tribute to Winona Ryder. She even made the dress herself! I'm not sure what I was going for but I just wanted an excuse to wear a dope vintage dress.


Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume
 2008 - Playboy J


Shakira Michael Jackson Halloween Costume

 2018, 2008 - The biggest Shakira and Michael Jackson fans out there.

Sid and Nancy
 2019 , 2010- Me on the left, can't go wrong with a creepy mask. J ,on the right, as Sid's lovely gal pal Nancy.
ICP Insane Clown Posse
 2007 - ICP? Nope, just a Megadeth lovin' clown.

Sad fact: One year I was obsessed with the idea of being Andrew W.K as a zombie. I had everything but the dirty white sneakers. I honestly can’t even remember what happened that halloween, but needless to say my vision wasn’t realized. Who knows, perhaps this year will be the year I will pay homage to the party king himself. He deserves it.

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