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My Favorite Small Business NYC Coffee Shops

My Favorite Small Business NYC Coffee Shops

My idea of a splurge these days is getting coffee that is not brewed from my kitchen. That being said, these NYC based coffee shops are some of my favorites when I feel like treating myself.


Konditori Brooklyn
Konditori- 186 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
One day while while I was thrifting around Brooklyn with my mom, I was craving an iced mocha latte like a madwoman. I took a chance on this Swedish espresso bar and I was blessed with the best mochas I’ve ever had. I’m not exaggerating. I think about this drink often. I’ve had this both iced and hot, equally amazing. 

Marthas Country Bakery
Martha’s Country Bakery- 41-06 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY
This bakery is such a classic in Queens. They have a ridiculous variety of pastries and cakes ...and their coffee is great too!  This bakery has such a cozy, cottage feel to it, really got me in my cottage-core feels.  My bestie loves the mocha latte and she insists you order a slice of the Lemon Coconut cake. I can see her drool all the way from Arizona. 


Tiny Pumpkin

Tiny Pumpkin- 216-21 Northern Blvd, Bayside, NY
The name alone is the reason why I decided to try this place. How can you pass it up? I was immediately welcomed so warmly by the owners. I knew this place was going to be special. My bestie and I tried their pumpkin latte and I was shooketh. I’m not a fan of pumpkin anything but this really won me over. You can taste the pumpkin in such a lovely way. Felt like a warm pumpkin hug.


White Noise Flushing

White Noise Coffee Co- 4102 162nd St Flushing, NY
This Flushing coffee shop is dear to my heart. It’s not only 5 minutes from my home but it has a dope Brooklyn- loft aesthetic with the most lovely plant decor to go with it. Their dark mocha latte is divine- not too sweet, not too bitter-- just how I like it. Try their matcha lattes too! My bestie is a matcha connoisseur and this happens to be the only thing she orders.

I think it’s important more than ever to support small businesses, like the ones I mentioned. I've been so tempted to run and try that new Starbucks Oatmilk Espresso (you know what's up), but I know that I mustn't forget my local coffee shops. Starbucks will always be there but these small businesses are the heart of our communities. 

Check out our Youtube video we made (pre-pandemic),  where we search for some amazing lattes!


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The Bestfriend's Guide To Vegetarian Eating and Thrifting in New York

The Bestfriend's Guide To Vegetarian Eating and Thrifting in New York

As Jamie mentioned in the previous blog, my bestie road-tripped across the country (something I hope to do in this lifetime) to her permanent destination: Arizona. There was no way in hell I was going to let her leave New York without giving it a proper goodbye. We decided to revisit all our favorite places to shop and eat in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. 


Pomme Frites
J introduced me to Pomme Frites back in our college years, she raved how these fries were one of the best she ever had. She wasn’t wrong. In fact, they are so good, that’s the only thing they serve and its filling all on its own. You pair these fries with their specialty dips (there’s a lot!), the only and best dip we’ve ever ordered together was the Sweet Mango Chutney sauce.

Pomme Frites NYC

Red Bamboo
I was also introduced to Vegetarian/Vegan cuisine through her. Although I do eat meat, I’m not some kind of meat elitist- any type of food can taste great if prepared correctly. Red Bamboo is one of those restaurants that delivers in both food and atmosphere. Do try the Barbeque Buffalo wings!

Metropolis Vintage
Nothing kills our mood more than commuting to the city from Queens, but I’m glad we did one last time. It’s almost impossible to find good vintage band tees in any thrift store but this shop is the MECCA of vintage band tees. The most impressive thing is that they categorize the tees based on year and genre. They even have sections dedicated to movies, shows and video games. We walked out with a Mega Man tee, an Incubus tee and The Cure tee.


Champs Diner
This amazing Vegan diner has become a staple every time we venture out to Brooklyn. We were so bummed we couldn’t eat there one last time since the pandemic. Her love for their Cuban Sandwich is something she says she will dearly miss when leaving NY. I’m obsessed with their breakfast platter of tofu eggs, soy-sage and hash browns.

Champs Diner Brooklyn NY Breakfast

The Bedford Strip
Not sure if that’s an official title like the Vegas strip but it’s what J and I call Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. It’s the most “happening” street filled with shops, bakeries and restaurants that stretches for 12 blocks. I urge you to check the many shops located on its side streets, like N6 Street, where you can find this adorable gift shop called Adore Brooklyn or Crossroads Trading Co, our go-to thrift store.

Crossroads Trading Co Thrift Store Brooklyn

Long Island

The Witches Brew Coffee House
Themed cafes can either be hit or miss. However, this place is not so much a theme as a lifestyle - a witchy lifestyle. It’s rich with vintage decor and the darkest atmosphere-literally. It’s purposely not well lit which adds to the spookiness. They have a really cool selection of teas/coffee and healthy vegetarians dishes. We usually go there for their raspberry tea and vegan brownie sundae!

The Witches Brew Brownie Sundae

Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices
Here in Queens and Long Island, we have so many locations of this ice cream shop that it never dawned on me that its only unique here in New York. Their selection of cream ices is unreal; Start with Vanilla Reese’s, Coconut Raspberry Tart and Crazy Coconut!


The White Noise Coffee Co.
This trendy coffee shop does not play when it comes to their coffees. J is really picky about her matcha lattes. So rest assured that you’re going to get the best matcha latte -hot or cold! I recommend you try their dark mocha latte too.

White Noise Coffee Shop Matcha Latte

Bodai Vegetarian
This Chinese vegetarian restaurant is special to my heart, mostly because J has celebrated almost all her adult life birthdays here. I beg you to try their crispy, breaded roast pig appetizer and their Teriyaki Steak.

Bodai Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

We had plans to turn this into a video for our Youtube Channel, serving as a guide to New York through the eyes of real locals. However due to the current state of the world, my bestie being pregnant and packing all her life in boxes, we were only able to film for 2 days. In the video, we barely scratched the surface of what we wanted to revisit but we did end up seeing new things together and at least trying those God sent fries one last time!

Pomme frites
128 Macdougal Street NY

Red Bamboo
140 West 4 Street NY

Metropolis Vintage
803 Broadway NY

Champs Diner
197 Meserole St, Brooklyn

The Witches Brew Coffee House
311 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead

Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices
531 Franklin Ave, Franklin Square
or Find a location anywhere in NY

The White Noise Coffee Co.
41-02 162nd St, Flushing

Bodai Vegetarian
136-20 Booth Memorial ave, Flushing

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