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My Favorite Small Business NYC Coffee Shops

My Favorite Small Business NYC Coffee Shops

My idea of a splurge these days is getting coffee that is not brewed from my kitchen. That being said, these NYC based coffee shops are some of my favorites when I feel like treating myself.


Konditori Brooklyn
Konditori- 186 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
One day while while I was thrifting around Brooklyn with my mom, I was craving an iced mocha latte like a madwoman. I took a chance on this Swedish espresso bar and I was blessed with the best mochas I’ve ever had. I’m not exaggerating. I think about this drink often. I’ve had this both iced and hot, equally amazing. 

Marthas Country Bakery
Martha’s Country Bakery- 41-06 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY
This bakery is such a classic in Queens. They have a ridiculous variety of pastries and cakes ...and their coffee is great too!  This bakery has such a cozy, cottage feel to it, really got me in my cottage-core feels.  My bestie loves the mocha latte and she insists you order a slice of the Lemon Coconut cake. I can see her drool all the way from Arizona. 


Tiny Pumpkin

Tiny Pumpkin- 216-21 Northern Blvd, Bayside, NY
The name alone is the reason why I decided to try this place. How can you pass it up? I was immediately welcomed so warmly by the owners. I knew this place was going to be special. My bestie and I tried their pumpkin latte and I was shooketh. I’m not a fan of pumpkin anything but this really won me over. You can taste the pumpkin in such a lovely way. Felt like a warm pumpkin hug.


White Noise Flushing

White Noise Coffee Co- 4102 162nd St Flushing, NY
This Flushing coffee shop is dear to my heart. It’s not only 5 minutes from my home but it has a dope Brooklyn- loft aesthetic with the most lovely plant decor to go with it. Their dark mocha latte is divine- not too sweet, not too bitter-- just how I like it. Try their matcha lattes too! My bestie is a matcha connoisseur and this happens to be the only thing she orders.

I think it’s important more than ever to support small businesses, like the ones I mentioned. I've been so tempted to run and try that new Starbucks Oatmilk Espresso (you know what's up), but I know that I mustn't forget my local coffee shops. Starbucks will always be there but these small businesses are the heart of our communities. 

Check out our Youtube video we made (pre-pandemic),  where we search for some amazing lattes!


 **We do not own the rights to all images included in this blog**

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Let’s Trade Closets!

Let’s Trade Closets!

Did you ever just open your closet and wish you could start over? I really have this urge to re-do my closet and pivot my style. My dream is to have my style be a mixture of Elizabeth Chambers, Taylor Hage, Kate Bosworth, and Shay Mitchell. I want to celebrate their amazing styles and why I appreciate them so much. So let’s deep dive into these stylish babes!

First of all, Elizabeth Chambers has amazing style. She is a mother and even her children are always dressed to perfection. I love that she is so feminine yet still keeps it interesting with every outfit she wears. She has impeccable taste and I can see her being best friends with Rachel Zoe. I think her style is so overlooked and underrated, so I just wanted her to know, I see you!

Next up, Taylor Hage! I’ve been following Taylor on instagram for years. Her handle is @TayHage. She always tries the latest trends and shows you how to wear it, which I love, because sometimes it’s hard to find where and how to work them in. She gives great outfit ideas and has wonderful natural style. She also has such a cute relationship with her husband. They are high school sweethearts ; athough that is completely irrelevant to her style. I just love them and their TikToks together warm my heart!

Now for Kate Bosworth who you may remember from such classics as Blue Crush and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! Although, I don’t really like either film, she was definitely the shining star. Kate Bosworth has a condition called heterochromia iridis, this means that one of her eyes is half brown and half blue, while the other one is blue. This again has nothing to do with her incredible style, just more of a fun fact which I think only adds to her uniqueness. She has a classic look but isn’t afraid to really be bold with her style and take risks. She has an effortless way of pulling off complex looks. 

Last but not least, Shay Mitchell, who I think seems like a good friend and nice person (I have no evidence to back this up, just a gut feeling). I love Shay Mitchell’s style because of how much it has evolved throughout the years. Growing up in roughly the same time period as her, I can say the early 2000s were rough on all of us. However, she pulled through and now her style is better than ever. Her style is so versatile and I just love to see her put an outfit together!


I hope one day I can redo my closet or even (less likely to happen) swap closets with any of these ladies! In the mean time, I will keep dreaming and maybe one day my closet dreams will come true. 

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2020.. On a Positive Note

2020.. On a Positive Note

This year.. what can I say that hasn’t already been said? 


I’m going to try to focus on the positive things that did happen this past year. 


First and foremost, let’s start with coronavirus. Don’t worry, that’s not the positive thing but I do think, it forced us to examine our behavior; hopefully, in a meaningful way. I don’t mean “call-out” culture like calling out the “Karens,” which is not my favorite term. I mean I’ve noticed people being more compassionate towards others, especially when they’re in a position to do so. I think it’s very important to focus on the little things you can do to impact someone’s day. Acknowledging people’s thoughts and feelings is one of the kindest things you can do for someone else. I hope the trend of tipping a little extra, being a little sweeter, taking a moment to listen a little harder to your family and friends, generally giving someone the benefit of the doubt; are things I hope carry on not only into the new year but beyond that. 

Another positive thing to come out of coronavirus, was people being so unimaginatively selfless. The healthcare and essential workers being dedicated to showing up for the rest of us, moves me to tears. They sacrificed time with their family and put their health in jeopardy to take care of everyone else; doing what they could to ensure our survival, comfort, and safety.  

One of my favorite things that happened this year, was the rise of TikTok. I’m not one for the dancing videos but I do love the cooking, story times, DIYs, and life hacks; that the app provides. I know how silly this sounds but watching TikTok generally improved my mood whenever the pandemic and life, had me down. I just love people’s creativity and humor.  I also love that you can be as interactive as you want to be on the app. People don’t even have to know you have it, if you don’t want them to. 

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Tiger King captivated the nation. I’m not sure why, but it did. Maybe because of how raw and flawed the characters were, it was just freeing to not have to root for anyone. To just watch as everyone seemed to make bad decisions. A lot of times during the documentary, I would wonder if this was real. I think the most intriguing thing that I took away from it, was how good intentions don’t always lead to good actions; your heart could be in the right place but something could take you way off track from what you were originally seeking to do.

Tons of people got pregnant, including me! Besides celebrities, I personally know a ton of people who got pregnant this year. It’s actually scary. It’s like everyone got the memo. I’m happy to be in good company. I think people just realized through all that’s going on, that there’s no perfect time. There’s only the time you have and you aren’t guaranteed anything or maybe everyone was just bored. Either way, 2021 is going to be a baby bonanza!

I also think, 2020 forced creativity. It forced us to be creative with our time and the way we communicate. We had to be more creative with what we cooked because we were home more, as well as, home improvement projects. 2020 forced people to look for more creative ways to make money, as well. I think people were more apt to share ideas and connect with friends you wouldn’t necessarily connect with when you didn’t have the time to. 


My hopes for 2021, are amidst everything that divided us in 2020, we choose the harder road and decide to be more united, understanding, and tolerant of one another. It was a very difficult year for all of us in many ways but I think it’s up to us whether we will let this shape us in a positive or negative way. I hope we continue to SLOW DOWN. Work shouldn’t be life. We need rest. We need time to ourselves and time for our loved ones. We need to value our health and not just have that limited to our physical health, but to our mental health, as well. All in all, I’ve learned so much this year and I hope you have too! 


On a more personal note, my highlights were getting married, getting pregnant and starting Moon in Aquarius with my best friend!

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A Dreamy 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A Dreamy 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A list of tried and true gifts for the holidays and beyond!

Let’s lean on beyond, since this list is really cutting it close.

Bijou Candles

Last summer, I stumbled across a wonderfully curated gift shop in New Jersey and came across a shelf of Bijou candles. I took a deep whiff of a candle called Hedy and I was immediately transported back to 2005. It’s almost like this candle was bottled into a perfume that I wore when I was falling in love with my boyfriend; the scent of sweet memories. I’m the type of person that talks myself out of buying anything. So sad to say, I walked out of that shop empty-handed. During the quarantine, I decided life is too short; buy that candle you can’t stop thinking about. So I did! Best purchase to myself. Packaging is great and even comes with their own matchbook. Although, they don’t carry Hedy at the moment (I think it will come back in the new year!). I was recommended the Stevie candle as a runner up. I guarantee you that it will awaken some beautiful lost memory.
(Side note: They named the candle after Hedy Lamar, Austrian-American actress, film producer and co-inventor of Wifi!)

Bijou Candles - Stevie Candle $27

Bijou Candles Hedy 

Terra Soleil, Moondust Tarot Card Deck

I was recently gifted something I never thought anyone would gift me. Of course my best friend knows me the best and knew this was so up my alley. Tarot cards are so enchanting, you can feel it as you shuffle the deck. The artwork in the Moondust deck is stunning. The deck is smooth to the touch and comes with its own pouch and complimentary crystal.They even include a printed Tarot guide, with card meanings and tips for using the deck. Truly an amazing gift for the tarot enthusiast. I play with these cards every single day.

Moondust Tarot Deck $59.99

Moondust Tarot DeckMoondust Tarot Deck Moondust Tarot Deck

Then I Met You, The Cleansing Duo

I’m a firm believer in the double-cleanse method and this duo is just magic. This is definitely more on the luxe side of skin care but I think if you were to gift this to someone, you would make their skin care routine a bit more enjoyable. The ingredients alone are worth giving it a try; as its cruelty free/vegan and free of sulfates, alcohol, parabens, artificial coloring and synthetic fragrances. Skin care can be tricky to gift but this is truly meant for all skin types! I can happily attest to this. I have sensitive skin and this did not break me out at all.

The Cleansing Duo $68

Then I Met You DuoThen I Met You BalmThen I Met You Gel

Moon In Aquarius, Tata Necklace & Dark Side of The Moon Earrings

You know I had to end this with my own plug in. Let me live! I stand by all the stunning pieces we hand-picked for the shop but these 2 stand out for me, one of them I actually kept for myself. The Tata necklace is such a simple yet charming piece, perfect for anyone who loves subtle statement pieces..or just boobies! And finally, the earrings that I personally own, Dark Side of the Moon stud earrings. These 16K gold plated moon crescent studs are so unique. I love pairing these with a vintage tee and jeans. All pieces are ready to be gifted in a jewelry box and celestial satchel. These pieces are gorgeously handmade in the USA.

The Tata Necklace $32

Dark Side of The Moon Earrings $40

Moon In Aquarius Gift Ideas JewelryMoon In Aquarius Gift Ideas JewelryMoon In Aquarius Gift Ideas Jewelry


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What I’ve Watched on Netflix so you don’t have to, but you might want to

What I’ve Watched on Netflix so you don’t have to, but you might want to
I’m a person that absolutely loves movies. I enjoy the occasional TV show here and there, but I’m definitely more of a movie person. It doesn’t matter if the movie is good, bad, or unbearable; I will always finish it. I don’t think you can have an opinion unless you’ve watched a film in its entirety. 
I hate that all streaming services have become so money hungry that they have decided to become little Netflixes. It’s unfortunate because now the audience is missing out on amazing movies and TV shows. This is just a tangent I wanted to mention. I think they should come up with some kind of bundle deal between them so that everyone can afford to pay one set rate and have access to whichever streaming services they want instead of having to pay separately for each. Why give people a break during this time? It’s not like movie theaters aren’t open… Oh, wait. It’s not like people are struggling with money and can’t even enjoy traveling….Oh wait.  
Anyway, back to the films and TV shows I’ve recently watched on Netflix, and what I thought about them. I’ll be going genre by genre to make for an easier read, in case you’re only interested in certain genres. Here we go!
I have watched and finished two shows on Netflix recently; Friends from College and Virgin River. Two very different shows. 
Friends from College 7/10
I definitely enjoyed watching Friends from College more and would recommend that show over Virgin River. The humor was more my taste. I really liked the casting and soundtrack. It has since been canceled from Netflix after two seasons. That’s kind of Netflix’s M.O., cancelling a show after 2-3 seasons. I know this show wasn’t critically well received, but I liked it. I think the characters are so deeply flawed, that it’s really endearing. The show is about relationships. I really appreciate that it’s not just about romantic relationships but also about complex friendships. I think we, as a whole have run out of patience for shows that don’t slap us with mystery or vampires. Fred Savage was my favorite character on the show. I love seeing him onscreen again. 
Virgin River 5/10
Virgin River got much better reviews which actually surprised me so much because it’s a mediocre show. It wasn’t terrible but in no way did it enrich my life. Virgin River is a drama and all of the scenarios are so out of touch with actual human responses. I will quote a review I read from user Bill W. because he said it perfectly, “If you like Hallmark movies you will love this show.” I think for me, I disliked the characters on this show and thought things were a little unrealistic. I think that the upside of this show is that you can watch it with your family.
The Keepers 9.5/10
I recently saw The Keepers. It is a docu-series which is seven episodes long. It is absolutely amazing! It starts off with students who are now adults, investigating the unsolved murder of a beloved nun, who taught at their Catholic school in the late 60s. When you continue watching the episodes, you realize there is much much more to this story. I went to Catholic school as a child, so I found the docu-series relatable in some ways. It was very interesting to hear from all the former students and victims. It also explores the power and scratches the surface of corruption in the Catholic Church. There is so much pain and substance to this docu-series, I was moved to tears multiple times. 
I saw a few thrillers; Fractured, Dangerous Lies and Rust Creek.
 Fractured 3/10
Fractured follows a man’s quest to find his wife and daughter when he brings his daughter to the ER after an accident, and they go missing. This movie was so outrageous, it made me laugh. I found myself focusing on weird parts of the movie rather than the plot and that’s usually how I know something is going left. I think the premise of the movie was good but the execution, not so much. 
Dangerous Lies 4/10
This movie follows a couple who have bad luck and are surrounded by strange circumstances. I love Camila Mendes and Sasha Alexander. However, this is one of those movies where you find yourself trying to reason with the characters through the screen. It’s one bad decision after another. It’s frustrating to watch. When it’s over, you’re completely relieved. 
 Rust Creek 5/10
In Rust Creek a young woman gets lost on her way to a job interview. She stops in a small town where two men attack her. She flees into the woods and tries to survive while the two men hunt her down to cover their tracks. I love survival stories involving the woods. I loved Hermione Corfield in this, she plays the lead. I think this movie has a lot of good things about it, every question is answered and most of the acting is good. Still, it is a little predictable and kind of the same old story. 
The Autopsy of Jane Doe 6/10
A mysterious corpse is brought to a father and son coroner team. The crime scene is strange and there are little clues as to Jane Doe’s cause of death. Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox are always great to watch. They have a sweet and believable chemistry as father and son that holds the movie together. As with most horror movies, I wasn’t really scared. It was interesting to watch. The beginning started off very promising but I wish it could’ve had a stronger ending. 
Holidate 4.5/10
Two people agree to be each other’s date during different holidays to avoid the pressure and drama of an actual relationship. I saw that this was number 1 on Netflix at the time I watched it, so I wanted to give it a whirl. I was underwhelmed. It may have been the casting. I think separately the acting was fine but the two lead characters didn’t have enough chemistry. This movie is cute but that’s all it is really. I did love Kristin Chenoweth. 
The Wrong Missy 5/10
A man has a nightmare date and then shortly after has an amazing one. The women both have the same name and he accidentally via text, invites the nightmare to a work trip on a tropical island. I personally love David Spade. For this movie to work for you, you have to love David Spade. I also loved, Lauren Lapkus as the lead. I did love the casting. It is silly, stupid, predictable humor but honestly, sometimes I’m in the mood for that. This isn’t the best comedy I’ve ever seen but it isn’t the worst.
Hillbilly Elegy 8.5/10
This follows a Yale law student who through an emergency, must return to his humble beginnings and reunite with his dysfunctional family after a few years away. Casting was spot on! Glenn Close, Amy Adams, Gabriel Basso and Freida Pinto, deliver amazing performances. It’s heartbreaking and very moving. It explores a complex family dynamic that examines what makes a “good” son and a “good” mother, and whether loyalty has a breaking point. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it!
I am Mother 8/10
In, I am Mother, a human is raised by a robot after a mass extinction of the human race. The robot called Mother must repopulate Earth. I'm not that into Sci-fi. However, this movie was recommended to me so after dragging my feet a bit, I decided to watch it. I loved Clara Rugaard- Larsen who plays daughter. She played the role perfectly. It was a really interesting premise and posed a lot of questions about loyalty, truth and who is qualified to determine what's the best path for humanity.  
I hope you enjoyed this honest TV and movie review. I realize now that I watch a lot of mediocre films on Netflix but it’s nice to explore and I can derive happiness out of good and bad movies. It also makes the gems stand out more when you have things to compare them to. 
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90's Movies That Defined My Tween Years

90's Movies That Defined My Tween Years

If I was stranded on a deserted island and I had to pick either movies or music to kill the time before I slowly decompose, it would 1000% be music. Oh wait, this is a blog about movies. Hmm...movies would be runner up for sure! All jokes aside, music is my lifeline. But movies shaped my perception of this crazy life and rocked my imagination to its core.
In no particular order, here are the movies that flipped my world in the mid 90s.

Mira Sorvino

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion,1997
I loved how this movie portrayed grown women as best friends. As a 12 year old kid , all the relationships I saw were of, well.. kids. Kudrow and Sorvino are brilliant actresses who played ditzy women with a lot of heart. Janeane Garafalo was also a major stand out for me. I’m a sucker for dry humor and she is the master of that. (Side note:I don’t care what anybody says, The Truth About Cats and Dogs with Garafalo is so underrated!) Fun fact: I came to know of Lisa Kudrow through this movie first. Friends seemed a bit mature back then, at least for me it did. Yes, I fucking love Friends now.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet,1996 /Titanic,1997

I'm not ashamed to admit that I was boy crazy and still am. But I am a hair embarrassed that I joined Leo’s official fan club back in 1996. Blame it on Romeo & Juliet. It was the movie that burned romance into my tween heart. I fell hard. The fish tank scene with Des‘rees', ‘Kissing’ You’ playing in the background was breathtakingly orchestrated and the elavator kiss had me in the clouds. Shortly after, Titanic set my world on fire. Leo is amazing in romantic roles. You definitely don't see him doing those kind of roles these days. Don't get me wrong, he’s a spectacular dramatic actor. But 'Romantic Leo' holds a special place in my heart. The closest he came to a "romantic" role nowadays was in Revoltionary Road(2008). Excellent movie but he definitely likes to pick those damn tragic roles.

Clueless Cher Tye

I had a really cool adult friend in her mid 20’s who offered to take me and my friend to see Clueless when it was first released in theaters. This was the kind of movie that as you age you come understand certain jokes, references and innuendos. I showed this movie to my boyfriend (who has never seen it) a few months ago. Surprisingly he didn’t hate it. He thought it was clever. I couldn’t agree more!

Don't Be a Menace Wayans Bros

Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood,1996
I remember correcting people when they messed up the title because I thought it was the funniest thing to say and it’s so memorable to this day. I would have laughing fits during this grandma scene where I thought she was smoking a giant cigar. It was a giant blunt. Again, I was 10 guys. Just like Clueless, this movie has so many satirical Easter eggs, I highly recommend you give it a few watches.

Cruel Intentions Reese Witherspoon

I Know What You Did Last Summer,1997/ Cruel Intentions,1999
Jennifer Love Hewitt was my ultimate 90’s girl crush. Hell, I even bought Neutrogena face wash because of her. My best friend Jamie and I saw her as the Marilyn Monroe of our generation. She had an innocent beauty to her and her proportions were unreal. And just like Marilyn, people really didn’t give Jennifer’s acting a chance, they just saw her as pretty face. I always thought she had amazing screen presence and was easily a scene stealer. I Know What You Did Last Summer had such an awesome cast including Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was my favorite character in the movie. In retrospect, Hewitt’s character was not very likable in this movie but I still adored and rooted for her. I preferred her characters in House Arrest,Trojan War, and Can’t Hardly Wait.
Gellar in Cruel Intentions was so iconic to me. She was so good at being bad, that I ended up rooting for her till the very end. And of course there’s Ryan Phillippe. The role of Sebastian was tailored made for him. His comedic scenes with Cecile (Selma Blair) and Blaine (Joshua Jackson) were some of my favorites.
The movie became a big part of my daily vocabulary. Ask me to recite this movie in my sleep because I could!

Truthfully, I left out tons of movies that should belong on this list (like Spice World and The Craft) but then it would no longer be a blog but a 100 page hardcover book. And who would wanna read that?

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Diving into the Food Scene in Arizona!

Diving into the Food Scene in Arizona!

I just moved to Arizona from New York, so obviously my major concern was will the food here be any good or more accurately as good as New York? I've visited Arizona once before and the food didn't impress me much, TBH. I should preface by saying, I'm a vegetarian and a picky one at that! I did however end up being pleasantly surprised as some of the food here so far, has blown me away! Here are a few of the restaurants I highly recommend.


If you love pizza as much as I do, that'll be something you will definitely miss if you are a New York or Chicago native and you decide to you move out of state. That being said, I FELL IN LOVE WITH MELLOW MUSHROOM. There are five locations in Arizona. I ordered the Holy Shiitake Pie (pictured above). This pizza is heaven on Earth! The white drizzle and mushrooms are such an amazing combo. I'm not a huge crust girl. I will eat it if I'm very hungry but the crust in Mellow Mushroom is so good, I make a point to save room for it. Gisel ordered the Kosmic Karma and said it made her, "want to change zip codes" (Gisel insisted on being quoted).

Next up on the this article is making my mouth water is..


This is hands down the best sandwich I've ever had. The vegetarian (pictured above) is what I order.  It has cheddar, provolone, swiss and mushrooms toasted and then topped with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on multigrain bread. The mistake people make when there's a vegetarian option, is just adding every healthy thing they can dream up. It's more about keeping it simple that adding chickpeas and kale to every option. I love that this is a hot sandwich because most vegetarian options are cold. I can't say enough good things about Potbelly Sandwich Shop. I've eaten here three days in a row back to back. My husband loves their other sandwiches, so this isn't just for vegetarians. There are ten locations in Arizona. 


I'm not a donut person. I love sweets so I consider it pretty lucky that I'm not into donuts because I don't need another unhealthy dessert in the mix. I went to Danny's Donut on a whim because I saw they had boba and I wanted to try it. I ordered a Coconut smoothie without boba because at the last minute of course, I changed my mind. I also got a strawberry sprinkle donut and a glazed donut. The coconut smoothie was amazing. It was light and not too sweet. The donut was incredible!! The best donut I've ever had and I've ordered from that super bougie Doughnut Plant place in New York. That place deeply underwhelmed me and solidified maybe I'm just not a donut person. However, one bite into Danny's Donut and now I'm not sure who I am. What I do know, is that Danny's Donuts are unmatched. The coffee is also phenomenal. I've visited Danny's several times since. The owners are also angels on Earth.

 I'm sure more restaurants will be added to the list once I live here longer and explore more places. But for now, these are the places I'm deeply obsessed with and are so happy to have found in my new home. 

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